lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Rumbo a lo desconocido

Once again, we have to make a decision. We have to choose between move or dead, between improve or stagnate. We have waited too long, but now we are decided to do it.
In a few days, we will take a plane with heading unknown. A plane with destination Karlsruhe, and then a bus to Heidelberg...does it worth? Ok, they aren´t so unknown but they are for us. Germany, our dreamed destination...where we would like to live, to work, to study...will it be so wonderful than we can imagine? I am not so sure...
My ankle is almost broken, fuck football, this is not a good moment to move, but we can´t throw it all away. We have to be strong and look ahead. Enough money for a couple of weeks and enough hope for some years...just for now.
We have to leave many things we are going to miss...could we take all of them with us? Hopefully..but maybe later. It's time to grow, to meet our dreams and fight for them. Alone...
I am sure we will have a great time there...of course, but what if everything is not all right? what if everything is different? I suppose we´ll have to fight and never give up.
Goodbye my friends, goodbye LP and see you soon.
We will come back before you know it.

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