lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Rumbo a lo desconocido

Once again, we have to make a decision. We have to choose between move or dead, between improve or stagnate. We have waited too long, but now we are decided to do it.
In a few days, we will take a plane with heading unknown. A plane with destination Karlsruhe, and then a bus to Heidelberg...does it worth? Ok, they aren´t so unknown but they are for us. Germany, our dreamed destination...where we would like to live, to work, to study...will it be so wonderful than we can imagine? I am not so sure...
My ankle is almost broken, fuck football, this is not a good moment to move, but we can´t throw it all away. We have to be strong and look ahead. Enough money for a couple of weeks and enough hope for some years...just for now.
We have to leave many things we are going to miss...could we take all of them with us? Hopefully..but maybe later. It's time to grow, to meet our dreams and fight for them. Alone...
I am sure we will have a great time there...of course, but what if everything is not all right? what if everything is different? I suppose we´ll have to fight and never give up.
Goodbye my friends, goodbye LP and see you soon.
We will come back before you know it.

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Un poco de todo...

Maybe i am writing in english what i don´t want to read in spanish because is too hard.
Nowadays we are living in a crazy world. A new war in Lybia, a destructive earthquake, a controversial nuclear alert...
This morning, i was watching TV while having breakfast and i was lucky. I could enjoy an amazing interview. The president of Iran, amid the chaos in the Arab world, was saying that West is to blame for everything is happening. It´s awesome how one person can be abstracted from reality. I don´t want to say that what he said is not true...i think he is right in this case, but he didn´t want to see that behind all this there are some dictators killing his people, a people starving and suffering.
Also, last but not least, we have the disaster in Japan. These days, nature has killed thousands of them. Quiet and tidy people. In addition, the nucelar plant is about to blow up, taking too many lives. Someone must pray ( who believes in it) for them, or better, do something for them. The aid is being too slow. Japan in endebt but is a rich we think that they don´t need any help? We are wrong. They are claiming our armies to help, our governments to pay...but they do so quietly.
Stop bad news. Stop catastrophes. We live in a changing world and we must adapt. Shit and party are very close. There, people dying; here, people dancing. In Lybia, people fighting and in Gran Canaria, people enjoying the Carnival.
Obviously, we can think that we can´t do anything and we are too far...but are we right? Is it enough? I don´t like waking me up with hangover, turn on the Box and watch people bleeding, children crying, people shooting or a tsunami destroying everything. I am sure we can do much more...
Meanwhile, be happy and try to live your life in the best possible way. Do not go screwing people.
And remember that if you spit up, the spittle will fall on your head.

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Unbridled hatred

¡Qué asco siento últimamente!...Desde hace un par de días no paro de darle vueltas a la cabeza.
A lo largo de una vida te encuentras con algunas personas buenas y muchas malas.
Éstas últimas se caracterizan por ser destructivas, egoístas, egocéntricas y macabras.
Si digo la verdad ahora mismo, lo que pienso...lo único que diría es que no sé cómo escribir este tipo de textos...estoy superado por la situación...tantas palabras en la lengua pero tan pocas pasando por el cerebro...
Quiero expresar mi odio hacia todas esas personas que no merecen un trato justo, hacia todas esas que sólo piensan en sí mismo. Me gustaría ponerles un espejo delante y hacerles ver lo que provocan, quizás sin querer, con cada palabra o cada gesto.
¿Qué tiene que hacer una persona para perder "todo" lo que tiene? ¿Qué es lo que tuerce las cosas el día menos pensado? Sí, pueden ser las diferencias personales o las aficiones...pero de ahí al despego, al rechazo o al olvido va un trecho muy grande.
Ojalá alguien me ayudara a canalizar estos sentimientos, a focalizarlos hacia algo positivo. Pero lo único bueno que saco en claro, es que esa persona que es capaz de superarlo con una sonrisa, ésa, se merece el cielo. Así que ánimo y a pensar que esa vida, probablemente, no sea la tuya.
Gracias que, de entre todo esto tan oscuro, podemos alegrarnos de que cada vez acortan más los programas de la "telebasura", una televisión abocada al fracaso.
Uf, qué bien que me siento ahora...!